2nd nature

at the Kelowna Art Gallery 2005
Linda Sawchyn, curator

Diana Lynn



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details of Release                  ceramic and stone
Release in the Rotary Courtyard                                                    ceramic &  stone
The Reynold's Gallery can be seen through the window
details of Drift                                                                                                                                                                ceramic and stone
Installation view of  Drift                                                                ceramic  &  stone
Many thanks to Cindilla Trent & Karolle Wall for their help collecting stones, to Richard Jacobs for his superb lighting and keen observations, to Sarah Campbell for her attention to detail, to the BC Arts Council for their support in the creation of this project, and to Linda Sawchyn and Dona Moore for their generosity & professionalism  bringing this exhibition to the KAG.
numbered stones numbered rocks beach victoria bc
This project was made possible through the generous assistance ofthe BC Arts Council